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Presentation Slides from Symposium I: 05/20/14

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May 20, 2014
Symposium I Archives:
Presentation Slides
Poster Abstracts
Keynote - Genomic Medicine: Its Time Has Arrived
Daniel J. Rader, MD

Genomic Medicine: The View from Genetics
Veronica J. Vieland, PhD

Genomic Medicine: Opportunities for OSU/NCH Collaboration
Ray E. Hershberger, MD

Pharmacogenomics: Assessing Disease Risk and Treatment Outcomes
Wolfgang Sadee, PhD

Localizing Genes for Heterogeneous Disorders
Kimberly A. Walters, PhD

RNA Shape as an Indicator of Pathogenetics When the Disease-Causing Variant Is Intronic
Abigail Neininger

Interacting Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Genes
Madelyn Gerber

Exome Sequencing Reveals Possible Role of SCNN1D in Syndrome of Heart Defects, Intellectual Disability, Severe Speech Delay and Brachydactyly
Kim L. McBride, MD

The Ecosystem of Collaboration: Networks, Hubs and Complex Systems
Clay Marsh, MD