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May 20, 2014
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Big Data and Big Ideas in Genomic Medicine

Symposium Date & Location
The symposium will be held on January 14, 2015 in the Biomedical Research Tower at The OSU Wexner Medical Center. The schedule and presentation abstracts are available.

Registration is now closed, but walk-ins are welcome for the symposium. Please note that it may be standing room only for walk-ins.

The goal of this symposium is to facilitate local collaboration among human genetics researchers by increasing awareness of potential avenues of collaboration and develop an understanding of the logistical barriers that often hamper new endeavors.

Organizing Committee
Ray Hershberger, OSU, Chair
Amy Sturm, OSU, Co-Chair
Christopher Bartlett, NCH, Co-Chair
James Chen, OSU
Soledad Fernandez, OSU
Dan Kinnamon, OSU
Shili Lin, OSU
Kim McBride, NCH
Wolfgang Sadee, OSU
Peter White, NCH
Tammara Bealer, OSU

Advisory Committee
John Barnard, NCH
Ray Hershberger, OSU
Joanna Groden, OSU
Veronica Vieland, NCH